One Year Older

Well, I must say I had a wonderful birthday/Easter weekend back home with my parents and hometown friends. As much as I love being away at school, it’s always nice to go back home. I went out for a delicious birthday dinner with my parents and had some extra time on my birthday to take Mr. Nugget (my adorable little cocker spaniel, pictured below) to the dog park. He was in doggy-heaven-on-earth, let me tell ya! Little Nuggers made so many friends and was exhausted by the time we left…not to mention covered in mud all over his paws (which I miraculously was able to keep from getting ALL OVER my car)! He happily sat with his face in the air conditioner vents the whole way home.



I ended my awesome birthday/Easter weekend with good company and a birthday strawberry martini up on the new rooftop bar in town at school. So perfect :) 22 feels a lot better than I thought it would. It’s about time to leave behind the good ole days of college life and look forward to my future, grown-up life. It’s coming MUCH faster than I thought it would, but I can’t help but think I’ve got a beautiful life ahead of me.



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