The Real Reason Women Are Becoming More Unapproachable

This post is so true. It’s sad, but this is a reality.

James Michael Sama

There is sort of an unspoken secret among all men that we are all aware of, and have always been aware of since the moment we became old enough to recognize our interest in women. It is something that is not frequently spoken about and therefore women do not usually have the same innate understanding of the issue. They may not even realize that it exists.


Here it is: It is terrifying for a man to approach a woman.

As (single) men, we find ourselves in the midst of countless women that we would like to talk to every single day. Whether it be passing in the halls at work, on the subway, or even just on Facebook. Yet, many rarely actually walk on up and just say ‘hello.’ Why is this?

Because it is not only scary, but risky. One thing men will not openly admit is that…

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