Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer

With all of the craziness going on lately I’ve admittedly lost track of my regular fitness regimen. I’m usually a ‘hit the gym 6 days a week’ person, but lately it’s been more like 4-5. In need of some motivation, I started doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer series. I completed this program two summers ago and got amazing results, so I thought why not do it again? For anyone who isn’t familiar with Jamie Eason, she’s a fitness model and personal trainer and has won multiple figure pro competitions. I wouldn’t say that this trainer series is the easiest to complete if you’re not an avid gym-goer, but she has great videos to show every exercise and some yummy recipes too!


You can find the Live Fit series here if you want to learn more about the program. It’s a 12 week program that is based in the gym and is made for people who are looking to get in shape, lose fat, or build muscle. I hate to say that this program will help you “build muscle” because it scares most women away. When I was first introduced to this program, I had zero experience lifting any sort of weight in the gym besides body-weight exercises and cardio. If you look at pictures of Jamie, she does not look masculine. At all. Yes, she has muscle. But it is nowhere near masculine looking. I can speak from experience. When I completed the program two summers ago, I was looking to lose about 10 pounds. After 6 weeks of the program I had actually gained 15 pounds in muscle, but lost inches in my stomach, thighs, and waist.

Anyway, not trying to market for Jamie’s program. Just trying to help anyone out there who might be looking for some inspiration to get in the gym! Who wouldn’t want to look like this, anyway?? Oh, and by the way…everything about this program is FREE! :)


Here are a few other people who tried the program and got great results. Enjoy!





If you can’t live longer, live deeper.


It’s been too long since my last post. Life has thrown several curveballs my way throughout the last few weeks so I haven’t been in much of a blogging frame of mind. In light of those recent events, despite how terrible and chaotic they seemed at the time, (which I will post about at a later time) I have come to realize that life is short. And beautiful. And unpredictable.

Because of one event in particular, I’ve spent a lot of time during the last several days just thinking. Thinking about the people I have in my life, the things I have accomplished, the dreams I want to turn into realities, the way that I affect the people around me. The most important of these thoughts and the one that I couldn’t shake was this: the way you choose to live your life is the legacy you leave behind once you’re gone. When you think about life in that context, it seems to simplify things quite a bit. Studying for college exams suddenly doesn’t seem like such a daunting task. The complaining thoughts and comments about studying for those tests seems silly and childlike. Things like being in a rush to get to class or getting annoyed when a homeless man asks you for spare change…again, insignificant. In the same sense, the small, good things in life suddenly have such a meaningful impact on you. Seeing that homeless man smile from ear to ear because he has 50 cents to ride the city bus and because you were kind enough to stop and listen to him. Paying a random compliment to the grocery store cashier and seeing her smile because you took the time to have a simple conversation with her instead of sliding your card and walking out of the door without saying much more than “thank you”.

I’ve tried to find a way to remind myself of this every day because I really do think it can change your life. The beauty of this mindset is that when you choose to slow down and really enjoy life, you start to take notice of the little things, you are more equipped to handle the bad, and you can have a positive impact on someone else’s life rather than simply living day to day for yourself.

The beautiful angel that inspired this recent change in my life will forever have a special place in my heart. I hope to honor him and his legacy of being kind to people as I go forward in my life. I hope anyone reading this can do the same. <3

15 things to remember as I start my new “big girl” life after college…

My first post here will be a re-post from yesterday from my last blog. Over the past year I’ve grown quite a bit as a “blogger”, so I decided to get a new domain name. “Avoir la pêche” means “to feel great” or to be “just peachy!”…enjoy :)

“Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.” — Carrie Bradshaw

For whatever reason it’s been a rough month for blogging for me. Not really sure what got into me, but somehow I kind of lost my inspiration for a while there. Anyway…I’ve had a lot on my mind lately with all of the changes coming up in my near future. In just a few short months I’m gonna have to graduate college and move off to Denver all by my lonesome (insert the monkey emoji with his hands over his eyes here). Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to live near the mountains and enjoy the Colorado lifestyle. But I can’t say it doesn’t scare me.
I can’t believe I’m already almost done. I went and picked up my cap & gown the other day and all of a sudden I had a zillion memories rushing through my head. It’s funny how time seems to pass so slowly and then all of a sudden four years have flown by. All of the boyfriends and breakups, best friends, lost friends, crazy (like really though…why did we do some of those things) nights out, the all-nighters at the library, 2am Jimmy Johns orders with my roommates, interviews, stupidly annoying classes, weekend trips…I could go on and on…all of that has made me who I am today. And I couldn’t be more thankful for every single memory each of those things has given me.

Earlier this year, when I was feeling all sentimental about having to grow up after graduation and sulking in my own childish “misery” because I never want to leave Mizzou, I wrote a journal entry titled “15 things to remember as I start my new ‘big girl’ life after college…”. It’s funny because I feel like I have changed so much throughout the last four years. I’ve grown as a person and learned so many things. But when I look back on this little journal entry, it makes life seem so simple.

15 things to remember as I start my new “big girl” life after college…

  1. Be grateful for the moments you have & the people you have around you. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
  2. Don’t worry so much. Like, really. STOP worrying.
  3. Continue to network and grow throughout your career and throughout your life.
  4. Spend quality time with your (future) kids as much as possible. And your dogs. :) Simply being in the same room isn’t always “enough”.
  5. Let friendships run their course. Accept changes as they come and don’t expect everything to always stay the same.
  6. Don’t work your life away.
  7. Ask your parents questions since you were unable to ask your grandparents so many of the questions you have. And take their advice when they give it.
  8. Volunteer. A lot. Make it something you’re passionate about.
  9. Don’t hold grudges. Especially with the people you love.
  10. Take risks (responsibly).
  11. Make physical fitness and overall health a priority.
  12. See the world.
  13. Know when to support your own dreams over other’s dreams, and when to support other’s dreams over your own.
  14. Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. With your kids, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends…everyone close to my heart.
  15. Relish your youth. Right now. In this moment. So that in ten years when you look back, you can only smile.