More Yoga, Please :)

Yesterday was great. I don’t know if it was the long yoga session, a much needed day of napping at the pool, or getting my beloved Chipotle for dinner last night, but whatever it was I’m out of my little funk that I’ve been in for the past few weeks. The combination of traveling non-stop since graduation, getting my wisdom teeth out, and a couple migraines had me down for the count as far as blogging goes. Not that I like excuses, but whatever. Bleh. 

Anyway, I spent a lot of time stretching and doing some yoga yesterday to get rid of some of my tension in my shoulders since it usually leads to migraines. I was looking up some yoga poses to relieve stress and I came across a bunch of hip opener positions…didn’t really think that my hips had much to do with stress. So I did some research and, surprisingly, we do actually store stress in our hips. I spent about 20 minutes doing poses that focused on relaxing the shoulders, and another 20 minutes on hip openers. Then I did another 20 minutes of some more low-key poses to have some time to meditate. The result? My headache was completely gone and I felt so refreshed! 

Here’s a few articles to help give you ideas for hip openers and shoulder relaxation poses :)