Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer

With all of the craziness going on lately I’ve admittedly lost track of my regular fitness regimen. I’m usually a ‘hit the gym 6 days a week’ person, but lately it’s been more like 4-5. In need of some motivation, I started doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer series. I completed this program two summers ago and got amazing results, so I thought why not do it again? For anyone who isn’t familiar with Jamie Eason, she’s a fitness model and personal trainer and has won multiple figure pro competitions. I wouldn’t say that this trainer series is the easiest to complete if you’re not an avid gym-goer, but she has great videos to show every exercise and some yummy recipes too!


You can find the Live Fit series here if you want to learn more about the program. It’s a 12 week program that is based in the gym and is made for people who are looking to get in shape, lose fat, or build muscle. I hate to say that this program will help you “build muscle” because it scares most women away. When I was first introduced to this program, I had zero experience lifting any sort of weight in the gym besides body-weight exercises and cardio. If you look at pictures of Jamie, she does not look masculine. At all. Yes, she has muscle. But it is nowhere near masculine looking. I can speak from experience. When I completed the program two summers ago, I was looking to lose about 10 pounds. After 6 weeks of the program I had actually gained 15 pounds in muscle, but lost inches in my stomach, thighs, and waist.

Anyway, not trying to market for Jamie’s program. Just trying to help anyone out there who might be looking for some inspiration to get in the gym! Who wouldn’t want to look like this, anyway?? Oh, and by the way…everything about this program is FREE! :)


Here are a few other people who tried the program and got great results. Enjoy!